Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Laceweight, please grow faster!

After knitting so many shawls with sock weight yarn or heavier, I think I got used to quickish shawls.  But of course, a laceweight shawl knit on size 2 needles is not going to zip along super quick.  But it's looking very cheerful and summery:

Cute, right?  You might notice that I ripped the patterned shawl out and started again on a very basic one. The pattern was nice enough, but I couldn't work on it at knit nights without messing up.  And that doesn't really work since I don't knit all that much outside of knitting get togethers.  Hopefully I'll finish this shawl before summer is over!

Do you have a favorite weight of yarn to work with?


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Urban Nature

I love living in a city, even a small city like St. Paul.  I've lived in big cities and in teeny tiny rural areas, and city life is where it's at for me.  Being able to walk to so many great places and not having to drive far to get the basics is awesome.  One of the cool things about the Twin Cities is how easy it is to enjoy natural beauty without heading out to the country.  One of my favorite places in Minneapolis is Minnehaha Park.  It even has a waterfall!

Nice, right?  

There are also lots of beautiful structures to explore:

I feel very lucky that at after a day of enjoying all of the city things that urban life has to offer, we can head over to such a gorgeous, peaceful area and enjoy a little bit of nature.  

What are some of your favorite places where you live?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Radish harvest...and some peppers!

I hadn't been paying much attention to the radish pot, but today as I was doing my daily garden survey, I noticed that the little guys were ready to be picked!  Last year, our radishes were cruel and produced greens, but no radishes.   I have no idea how we managed that, but there you go.  But this year we had success; here's today's parking lot garden harvest:

Yay!  I think some of these will end up on tonight's sandwiches.  I also love that they're different colors - it's like a radish variety pack.  

Did you guys grow any radishes this year?


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rainy June

It's been pretty dang rainy around here lately.  The part that I really don't like though is the whole thunder and lightning situation - not a fan!  But rainy days are excellent for knitting progress, right?  I finished a shawl last night (pictures soon, gotta block it first) and started a new one today:

I saw the pattern at a local yarn shop and really liked it.  Oddly enough, the designer is the same woman who designed the shawl I just finished!  Has that ever happened to you?  

And since I was already standing in the rain like a weirdo, taking pictures of my shawl, I thought I'd snap a pic of the flowers my neighbor is growing out back:

Pretty, right?

How about you, do you like storms?


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Strawberry nub and wee peppers - a parking lot garden update

The parking lot garden continues to flourish, even with the extreme wind and pelting rain of this past weekend.  One of my alpine strawberry plants has a wee berry nub going:

Cute, right?  I have no idea if I'll get a ripe berry before the squirrels, bunnies, or birds get to them, but I'll certainly try!  I've never actually had an alpine strawberry before, but I've heard they're pretty delicious - please report if any of you have had one.

My pepper plant is popping out peppers, yay!

I never grow enough peppers to keep up with our consumption or the amount needed for canning, but it's still super rewarding to add some spice using a homegrown pepper.  

My indigo rose tomato also has a wee tomato developing:

I can't wait, I don't think I've had this variety before.  Apparently the theme of this year's garden is "grow things you've never even tasted before!"


Monday, June 16, 2014

No parking in the river

Yesterday, two of my friends and I went on a trip to Stillwater, a cute little town not too far from the Twin Cities proper.  The St. Croix river was weirdly high, making this sign a little ridiculous:

Normally, this sign is not underwater!  The whole sidewalk and chain fence was submerged.  Despite river weirdness, it was a beautiful afternoon:

We had a picnic lunch on a bench near the river, and Chelsea posed majestically for me:

The main reason for the trip was to visit Darn Knit Anyway, isn't their window display fun?

What are some of your favorite day trip destinations?


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden update!

The parking lot garden is doing really well, much better than last year I think.  Yay for flourishing!  My alpine strawberry plants have flowered and look pretty happy (my goal is to get ONE berry before the thieving wildlife snatches the rest up):

The tomatoes are also looking pretty fancy:

I still need to get my mint pot going, and I wouldn't be surprised if we pick up some other random herbs as well.  Because I can't resist a good garden shop!

How's your garden going?
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