Monday, February 12, 2007

V-Day Monkey

Yay, I finally finished my Valentine's monkey! It took me longer than it should have to finish but I could only work on it when my boyfriend was at work. Anyway, I used Caron Simply Soft (one of my favorite yarns) and my trusty G hook. I used this pattern by ChimuChimu with some modifications. It was a very easy to follow pattern if you're at all familiar with crochet in the round.
My next project (well, one of my next projects) is going to be the voodoo wrist warmers from I've got the yarn and needles and I even made a gauge swatch last night while I was stuck watching Battlestar Galactica with the boyfriend. I'm a litte unsure of what size to make though, I have pretty scrawny wrists but I'm always afraid of making things too small.


Rina said...

Very cute monkey! It reminds me of Japanese amigurumi books where most of the book is made up of pics of the dolls doing cute things.

LaSandri said...

adorable! this is so my next project. i'm itching to start something and i think a monkey-face would be perfect!


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