Monday, March 05, 2007


So I finally started my voodoo wrist warmers a few days ago. So far so good, especially since this is my first dpn project. Although the clover needles I'm using make me pine for Crystal Palace bamboo. I think I'm about 9 inches done with voodoo, so I can start dreading the buttonhole for the thumb. I tried a practice piece and was horrified so we'll see what happens when I get there on the actual piece. I loooove the yarn I'm using, it's Kraemer Yarns' Tamamy Tweed in purple. I need to get back to Depth of Field over in Minneapolis and get some more.
I'm also on the hunt for my first big big knitting project. I kind of want to make a cardigan because I love them but I'm not sure. I am crushing on the Lucy in the Sky cardigan though. Hmmmmm.


Kim said...

Oh, the Lucy in the Sky cardigan is beautiful. I want to knit it, too!

Ninni said...

that tweed yarn looks great.

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