Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Garter Stitch Scarf of Doom

Yes! The scarf is finally done! This is actually my first knit scarf, I've made a few hats and some fingerless gloves, but no scarves. Ew, it took sooooo long and was very boring. But it was good mindless knitting when I needed something like that. The only reason I started this scarf was to get rid of this huge ball of mystery red acrylic chenile-like yarn that was in my stash. The scarf is very soft though and will make a great Christmas gift.

Eeee, tonight is Yarn Harlot night in Saint Paul! She'll be speaking at an event put together by the Yarnery. If only it wasn't so cold out today, grrrr. It's April, there shouldn't be any snow on the ground! But I love her books and have never gone to one of her talks so I will brave the cold (right now it's 28 but feels like 15 with the wind of doom).

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