Thursday, April 26, 2007

Less than good...

...more like bad. Sooo, yesterday me and the boy were walking to the car for a day out and were greeted with broken glass and all kinds of mess. Some lovely people broke the window, stole everything in that was in the center panel of the dashboard (stereo stuff, dvd stuff, air conditioning control.) Umm, who steals air conditioning controls? They also ripped up the carpets, moldings, and back seat trying to get to who knows what. I can only think that they thought I might have had a multi disc changer somewhere. So yesterday was spend dealing with lost of insurance stuff and a little bit of police stuff.

And to think all this might have been avoided if our neighbors hadn't forced us to turn off our car alarm. A few months ago, our alarm went off once in the middle of the night so the neighbors called the cops and tried to have my car towed. So we turned the alarm off even though lots of people on our quiet little block in Saint Paul have had their cars broken into. Sigh. It's also awesome that the cops came out right away to threaten us about our "nuisance alarm" but couldn't be bothered to come out when our car was um...violated.

I was actually too upset to knit or crochet yesterday. But my sweet boyfriend looked over at me when I was all sad and on and off weepy and said "honey, do you want to go to the yarn store?". Awww, how sweet is that? I didn't go though because I could do some serious wallet damage with all the retail therapy I need. So after the craziness was over we hopped on to Borders so I could oggle the new issue of Craft. I didn't actually but it yet though. It's just so darned expensive!

Well, hopefully today will be better. But I still have that freaked out violated feeling and had lots of trouble sleeping, hence the early blog. It feels good to vent about all this though.


torrance said...

I'm so sorry for you!

You should print out the picture, and put it in your neighbours mailbox, with a note:
"Thank you for making us turn off the car alarm!"

(it seems I have become a faithful reader of your blog :)

VeganCraftastic said...

Thanks so much!!! And yes, that's a good idea about my neighbors. :)

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