Sunday, May 13, 2007

Book Review: Knitting Lingerie Style

Since I buy so many knitting/crochet/sewing/quiting/crafting books, I'm going to start doing reviews here on the blog. I always like to read what other crafters think of a book before I buy it so I might as well join in.

On a recent trip to Borders, I picked up Knitting Lingerie Syle by Joan McGowan-Michael. Joan is well known as the woman behind White Lies Designs, her collection of romantic knitting patterns.

The book is broken up into sections that cover several types of lingerie: bras, slips, corsets, camisoles, stockings, and lounge/night wear. The book is full of beautiful photography from Thayer Allison Gowdy. From a vegan perspective, it's wonderful to see many patterns made from non-animal yarns. Cascade Fixation is used in several patterns. The knits come in a welcome range of sizes from the small busted (yay!) to the more endowed woman.

The standout patterns for me are the Basic Bra, Gracefully Gathered Halter Top and Boy Short, the Waist Cincher Top, and the Gartini. Overall, I love the idea of knitting something really special for yourself that very few people will probably see. I know many knitters (myself included) give away their finished objects to friends and family, but handknit lingerie is something just for you.


torrance said...

Check my blog for details :)

Ilix said...

great patterns! thanks for letting us know I gotta check out that book!

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