Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Built by Kala

I made a shirt! And it doesn't look horrible! Two days ago, while the boy was working late, I made the Built by Wendy Simplicity 4111 shirt in five hours. It was pretty easy, and it was my first garment that wasn't a costume. I made it in size 14 and it fits really well, yay! This picture isn't great though because I had to take it myself. It's impossible for my boyfriend to take good pics of me unless he suprises me with the camera. When I pose for him I get this weird pained face, not so cute.

Oh, and the yarn I won in the little geeky thing contest on the No Sheep KAL came yesterday!
Eeeeeh, free yarn! And it's really pretty too. It's Maggi Knits Irish "Maggi's Linen". It's 52% cotton and 48% linen. Each 50 gram ball has 126 yards. Hmmm, what to make? I really like these colors together though, very spring-like.


torrance said...

Did you know that the finnish word kala means fish :)

jesslm said...

I have been intrigued by those Built by Wendy patterns. It does look great on you, I am wondering how accurate the sizing is...don't suppose you would be willing to share your measurements?

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