Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finished, finished, finished!

Yay, I finally finished my crochet Totoro! I guess I haven't been working on it for all that long, it just seems like it. Not that it was difficult or anything, it's just that I could only work on it when my boyfriend was at work, it's a birthday present.

Name: Totoro

Pattern: Heavens_Hellcat's pattern

Yarn: Red Heart super cheapo yarn

Hook: US G

I also finished the hat I've been working on for a while. How sad, it doesn't fit me though. Most hats don't fit me, so I wasn't really suprised. It'll fit my mom though because she has a much smaller head than I do and really fine straight typical Native American hair. I have a big head and crazy cavewoman hair. But I love the colors of the yarn so much I might make myself one at some point.

Name: Striped Hat

Pattern: My own

Yarn: James C. Brett Marble (100% acrylic)

Needles: Addi Turbo US size 6 circulars, and size 6 bamboo dpns


Vegan Knitting said...

That Totoro is just perfect! Now if I can only get into crocheting I'd make one for a friend who really likes his movies.

Cass said...

Totoro is SO CUTE!! My daughter has taken to crochet and that was the first thing she wanted to make- Totoro!

torrance said...

That totoro is cute!
I know how you feel. I can almost never use existing hat patterns as they are, or the hat would be too small

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