Saturday, June 09, 2007

I think this bracelet is shy

Seriously, I've been trying over and over to take a decent picture of the bracelet I finished today. The camera just refused to focus on it. Here's the best of the batch:

The project was inspired by the Acorn Bracelet in the June/July issue of Beadwork. Mostly, I just used the instructions for the peyote stitch acorn caps. I love how it came out, believe me, it looks much better in person. It'll be a gift for my mom, but I won't give it to her until the fall. For the most part, the beads came from the Bead Monkey in Saint Paul, I love that store! Tons of beads and they're really well organized so it's not overwhelming.
Other than that, I've been working on a knitted hat and on my crocheted Totoro. That is, when I'm not sneezing or laying down because of a sinus headache. Allergies suck and must be stopped! And why do most allergy medicines have milk products in them, ew?!?! I have one that's vegan and non-drowsy but it doesn't really do much to kill the symptoms. So I guess I just have to ride the allergy wave for a little while. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to go on our planned trip to Valleyfair as soon as I would have liked (pout). It's been forever since I've been to an amusement park, one of the many reasons I miss California.
Oooh, the other day I made some really delicous pineapple lime sorbet, soooo good. I got the recipe from the latest issue of Cooking Light. The recipe is also on the website: Pineapple Lime Sorbet. I highly recommend this stuff, it's really refreshing on these hot, humid days.

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Vegan Knitting said...

The color combination is wonderful! A great bracelet!

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