Saturday, June 23, 2007


After being inspired by the socks that Michelle of Vegan Purls is making, I went out and hunted for some Panda Cotton. There are quite a few yarn stores in the Twin Cities, but each one is very different and there isn't much overlap in merchandise. This is both good and bad, not so great when you're looking for something specific. I did find some Panda Cotton at Clickety Sticks in Minneapolis though (they don't have a website, otherwise I would link it). I wanted to be a total copycat and get the same color that Michelle is using because I love it, but they didn't have it. The color I got is Sable:

I already swatched and then cast on a pair of socks with it. I'm making the No Sweat socks from No Sheep for You. Hopefully I'll actually finish my socks this time. I started a pair of broadripples a while ago, but I messed them up and put them in the closet where I don't have to see them, hee hee.

I also picked up the new issue of Knit Scene, there are some cute things in there but nothing I'll be casting on too soon. Lastly, I scored a ball of Artful Yarns Olympic at 50% at the Yarnery. They only had one ball of the color I liked, but I can use it to play with and swatch, then if I like it, I can buy more online somewhere. I'm thinking of making a short sleeved cardigan that I blogged about a while ago.

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Michelle said...

Yay, pandas! I'm flattered my socks were a source of inspiration. I just turned the heel on my second sock and am halfway through the foot. And I am loving that Sable colorway! It's one of the more nice, sophisticated variegateds they've added, thank goodness.

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