Thursday, July 12, 2007

Am I slow?

Maybe. This sock seems to be taking forever, but I like doing it so it's ok. But I don't get how some people can finish socks in just a few days, cwazy! Progress shot:

On the agenda tonight, much excitement! I finally get to see Jesse Malin live!!! He's so awesome and I looove his new album so I'm very psyched. Plus, he's vegan! Not that that means he's any good, I mean Moby's vegan too. No offence to any Moby lovers out there!


Vegan Knitting said...

I used that same yarn and color for my first sock. I also made the Broadripple with fixation but in green and also in purple.

Fixation goes slower than regular yarn, I believe, because it's so stretchy so you knit differently with it.

Sock knitting also seems longer because you don't get so much fabric for all those stitches!

torrance said...

the trick to knitting socks fast is to make them with bigger needles and bulkyer yarn ;) hahaha
yes, sadly I do think I'm funny

Michelle said...

Yeah, how IS it that people cast on socks in one post and the next is announcing the FO? Crazy indeed.

I also don't care for Moby. Haha. Although the veg status of a musician also wins points for me... I don't think anyone will ever top Morrissey for me, sigh!

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