Saturday, July 14, 2007


Has anyone tried this yarn? It's Hempathy by Elsbeth Lavold. I got a skein for someone for a swap (no sheep) and kept thinking I needed one of my own. So I brought one home today from Borealis. I love that yarn store, especially now since you get an extra $5 punched on the punch card if you bring in the reusable shopping bag they have there. Whee, I'm only $25 in punches away from filling up my card and getting $20 of free goodness. Oh, right, back to the yarn. I also got a pattern for it, it's a Fiber Trends pattern for a bath cloth and soap carrier thing. I don't know, there was a shop sample and it was cute so yeah.

Oh, and I bought a slice of vegan cookies and cream cake from Whole Foods. It's Chicago Diner, which is good for the most part, although this is the only cake I like from them, the others are too dry for my taste. The chocolate monster cookies they have are amazing though!


Cass said...

Oh YUM that looks good!

And the cake does too! ;)

i've used Hempathy, and seem to have a habit of buying it every time I go to a LYS. It gets softer with use and wear. And the stitch definition is great. It is a tad tough on the hands though. It sticks to my wood needles, but works well on my highly polished bamboo. HTH!

Carla said...

Mmmm, I loved the Chicago Diner when I was there!

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