Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yay for vegan desserts!

Hee hee, I just have to share that I won third place in the Old Dutch Foods recipe contest! The rules were to come up with any recipe using at least one Old Dutch product. I came up with a pretzel crust, ice cream pie using Oats Cream, this really delicious vegan ice cream. So I won a $50 Williams Sonoma gift certificate and a subscription to the scary Rachael Ray magazine.

In less happy news, I had to frog my sweater already. I was only about 5 rows in, but still. I made a stupid mistake somewhere and knit the wrong way on the circs so one little piece is way longer than the rest. Awesome, I know. Eh, but my Broadripple sock is coming along nicely!


Vegan Knitting said...

That's exciting!

I used to get Oatscream soft ice cream at a health food store when I lived in NYC. It was so good! But I have not seen it out here in CA.

VeganCraftastic said...

Soft serve Oatscream is soooo amazing, I had it the other day at the Wedge Co-op. They also have shakes made from Oatscream, the boy got a chocolate peanut butter shake and it was crazy good. Ok, now I'm hungry!

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