Friday, August 24, 2007

Calorimetric Funtastic

So I finally used the ball of Berrocco Love It I bought months ago to make Calorimetry from Knitty. Of course, I'd heard on Craftster and other places that it would probably come out hugegantic but I decided to make one following the pattern exactly and see what I got. I actually like it, it's a little big but it'll be great for walks in the winter time. I'm going to make another one soon, smaller though, for fall. I really like the yarn I used and wrote a review of it for the Vegan Pal 2 contest. I was inspired by the latest episode of Stash and Burn to start using up some of those single balls of yarn I bought early on (ok, I still do it). Here's the tweedy yarn I'm going to use to make my second one:

I also want to make at least one for my mom, I think these things would make great presents. Plus, they're quick and fun to knit! Although, I really am a pretty slow knitter so I really pushed it and made my shoulders and back sore to finish one in a day.


torrance said...

I love the shade of green you made it with. And your stitches look so even. A while back I made a calorimetry too (two actually) and they came out HUGE

Christina said...

I love that "Calorimetry", it looks really cute.

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