Saturday, August 04, 2007


Eeeee, Vegan Pal 2, I can't wait! And it has a Halloween/Fall theme, how perfect is that?. I'm totally obsessed with Halloween, it's my absolute favorite holiday. So sign up now through August and join the swappy madness!

The contest over on the Vegan Sock KAL is over, and Dawn was the lucky winner of 2 balls of Cascade Fixation. Congrats to Dawn!

In other Fixation news, I recently found a ball of the stuff that I thought had been lost forever. It was supposed to be for my second Broadripple but I ended up buying a new ball of yarn. I knew it wouldn't show up until I bought a new one! So I'm not too thrilled about having an odd ball of the stuff, maybe I'll try to trade it or something, but how many people would want just one ball of fixation? There's also some Royal Bamboo in the stash that I'm thinking of unloading.

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