Sunday, August 26, 2007

Loverly Day

The weather in Minnesota is unpredictable to say the least. Yesterday was the first day in a long while that it's been nice enough to go for a walk outside, so I took the boy and went over to the park. The park was kid free (yay!) so we took over and played on the swings and the little kiddie slide. And I knit a bit on my Hedera's while we talked and got sand in our shoes.

Today I'm staying inside and just knitting and puttering around the house because I'm horrifyingly sore from the gym yesterday. While listening to the latest episode of Lime and Violet (hold my monkey) I finished up Calorimetry #2:

I made this one using Kraemer Yarn's Tatamy Tweed Worsted. It's 40% cotton and 60% acrylic. It's a very nice yarn, I love the tweediness of it. And it's not too expensive either, $5.75 for 180 yards. The color I used was "burgundy". The Calorimetry barely used any yarn so I think I'll make another one for my mom in the same yarn. It'll be ok as long as we never wear them at the same time!

Since I was more familiar with the pattern this time, I was able to make this one smaller. I cast on 100 stitches instead of 120, worked row 5 Five times, and worked row 7 Six times. I'm very happy with the size of this one, yay! Here's a pic of the two together so you can compare sizes:


torrance said...

I love love love the picture of you in the slide!! Sooooo cute!
I need to make someone take knitting pictures of me.

I think your second calorimetry looks even better than the first. And it fits better. I love the way that yarn looks when it's knitted up.

(I have always thought that gyms are pure evil..)

Cass said...

LOVE the KIPics. And the 2nd calorimetry is perfect!

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