Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some People Are Just Nice

A couple days ago I received a really nice package in the mail, all the way from Finland. The lovely girl behind Torrance Does...Stuff sent me some Finnish goodies! The Yarn is Kotivaki Novita and she sent it so I could make the Sodera socks that I covet. It's in a really lovely dark blue shade, and apparently you can get this yarn at the supermarket there! It's 100% cotton and contains 200 grams and 663 meters of yarny goodness. She also sent a cute notebook, a postcard, and an adorable crocheted seal. There was also chocolate but my boyfriend already ate it. I've already picked out some goodies to send to her, but I still need to pick up a couple of things. And if you haven't checked out her blog yet, you totally should, she's very creative. There's always some cute crochet or knitting going on over there. And she's vegan so of course she's cool :)

Then yesterday a package from Crystal Palace arrived at my door. It was from the woman from the company who is donating prizes for the Vegan Sock KAL. In addition to the 2 winners, I also got some yarny love! I got to pick the color of Maizy that I wanted and I picked Deep Rose. I think I'll do something lacy with this since it's such a lovely solid. She also suprised me by including some needles! I love Crystal Palace Bamboo needles, so smooth. They are a size I didn't have yet, US 1.5 (2.5 mm).

In knitting news, here's my progress on my first Hedera:

I'm making them much shorter than the pattern calls for because I don't like calf length socks. Knee socks are cool though! But anyway, these are coming along slowly but surely.
Ooh, and I won a contest over on the Vegan Pal 2 blog, yay free yarn! And it's soy, yummy!

Lastly, the Vegan Sock KAL got a mention on the Socks in the City podcast, episode 14!

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torrance said...

You're too kind!

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