Monday, September 03, 2007

A Day at the Fair (and one freaky clown)

Ok, isn't that the scariest trash can known to man? Get too close to him and say goodbye to your soul!

Saturday, we finally made it to the Minnesota State Fair! I have to say that I absolutely love fairs, all the exhibits, the walking around, the food. And yes, there was vegan food there: I had french fries, a falafel sandwich (they also had falafel on a stick), soda galore, a peach, and a stick of frozen apple cider that was crazy good:

There were tons of things to look at in the Creative Activities building although I don't know if I was totally blown away by anything in the knitting or crochet section, the quilting was way more impressive to me.

Over in the food exhibits, I found this little guy, a crochet bee keeper, very strange:

A pretty display of maple syrup and infused oils:

Giant Pumpkins!:

This one was my favorite carved pumpkin:


Vegan Knitting said...

I LOVE the freaky clown! We love taking photos of wierd signs, street arts, etc. like that.

I am also in love with the crocheted bee keeper. So cute!

What a nice day you had! I've gotta try making some cider pops in my popsicle maker.

ellie said...

Love the picture with the popsicle! Super cute! And tasty looking. :)

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