Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy shiny dpn holder

Because you want your dpns to be happy right? Well, I finally got around to making a separate holder just for my double pointed needles. In the first needle roll I made, I only made a few slots for dpns, thinking that would be enough, hah! So there was a lot of this today:

And after a lot of that, I got this, I haven't pressed it yet so please excuse some wonkiness:

Here she is with her sister:

Later, I'll be doing this:

I got this raglan shirt from Target but it's just a little too gray so I'm gonna use this iron-on skull I got at Joann a while ago. I think I'll lose the crown though. Cheers!


torrance said...

It's not wonky, it's got personalaty! I think it's very cute and functional. I love your fabric choise.

I think the skull will look good on the shirt. And I agree, it might look better without the crown. You can always use the crown for something else

Natalee Robbins said...

Putting the crown on the back of the shirt just under the collar would be cool as well, in case you don't wanna waist it :) N@

PS...Cute little muffin needle holders!!! TOO CUTE

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