Monday, September 10, 2007

What's been going on...

Well, the October issue of Vegetarian Times is out now. Why is this issue important? Because it has my boyfriend's 3rd place winning recipe in it! The recipe is for a vegan thai pizza and it's delicious, I should know, I got to test it out! So check it out, it's on page 73. I'm so proud of my fella!

I started another Everlasting Bagstopper last week using some Fantasy Naturale, the same yarn I used to make the Chunky Button Bag. I'm not sure about the color though, I liked it in the skein but knit up it's looking a little pukey. You know, too many colors. But I'll probably change my mind by the time I'm done. This one is going to be for my mom, either for Christmas or her birthday.

Is anyone else doing Secret of the Stole? I've never done a mystery pattern and I'm pretty new to lace but I think it'll be fun. I ordered my yarn last night from WEBS, it's some 100% tencel stuff in a natural color. I'll either leave it that color or dye it once I'm done with the stole. I've really been wanting to get into dyeing yarn so this'll be my chance!

1 comment:

torrance said...

nice one for your fella! too bad i can't get a hold of the issue here.

there is nothing wrong with pukey looking yarn.. right? ;)

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