Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Ate My Knitting

No seriously! Well, ok, maybe not. But I haven't got much knitting done lately, I've been concentrating more on Halloween stuff because I loooove it so. But I did manage to finish something a couple of days ago:

Name: Little Dino

Pattern: Luke in the Dinosaur Suit by Owly

Yarn: Caron Wintuk for the face and hands, TLC Essentials for everything else. Mmmmm, cheap acrylic. But I love it for amigurumi!

Hook: G

Notes: This was a great pattern, super duper detailed. It walked you through everything so this would be great if you were a beginner. I made mine in one evening when my boyfriend was working the later shift. It was a little Halloween present for him, tee hee.

On the pointy stick front, I've worked very little on my Secret of the Stole, I'm STILL not done with the first clue. It's not hard, I just haven't been good about working on it. Here's a pic, it looks like I'm making undies:

And finally, I cast on a new project, it's a capelet from the Wrap Style book and it's purple:


LotusKnits said...

Aww! He's so cute!!

torrance said...

He is too damn cute!

haha, when I saw the Secret of the stole-pic, my first thought was: Panties!! (great minds think alike ;)

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