Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Wonders (and Terrors) of Costco

The parentals were down visiting the other day so tagged along on a trip to El Costco. I remember going to Price Club a lot when I was little, and thinking it had to be the biggest place in the world. Well, it is pretty darn big, and a little scary. It was sample day so it reeked like feet and bbq, mmmmmm. But I did score some awesome onion bagels, accidentally vegan!:

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting lately, but I've definitely had my head in the yarny clouds. I'm plotting which sweater I want to make next, maybe Salt Peanuts? And I just made my first Etsy purchase ever, for this cute little crochet pattern of a boy in a dinosaur costume. It's from Owly Designs, if you haven't checked out her stuff before, you should, she's got some really cute amigurumi patterns.

I'm so excited about the idea of dyeing yarn as a little business, yay! I have a name idea but I'm keeping it secret until I'm sure. I'll be making a bigish order for some yarn very soon so I can get started, does anyone know where I can get some blank vegan sock yarn (any vegan fiber) to dye? I've only had luck finding worsted and lace weight suitable for dyeing.

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