Friday, November 09, 2007

Another Bagstopper and More Babies

I've been forgetting to share my second Everlasting Bagstopper that I finished recently. This is the one made with the pukey colored Fantasy Naturale:

This one will be a Christmas present for my mom, and I think this will be last of these bags that I'm going to make. This one was a bit of a slog, mostly because the yarn and needle combo made it uncomfortable to knit. Ouchie hands don't make for fast or enjoyable knitting!

I've been working on the baby pants for my boyfriend's sister's baby:

It's going well so far, it's a Knitting Pure and Simple Pattern, the first one I've used.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who told me that holes are just part of what happens in the cabling process, so now I don't have to worry, yay!

Oooh, have you seen the new Knitty suprises? I love the Juno Regina lacy scarf, so pretty. I also like the Oblique lacy sweater, it looks so cute and cozy!

I'm also kind of crushing on the Yarn Harlot's "Unoriginal Hat." It looks like a fast and cute gift-worthy hat.


Süßstoff said...

That bag is awesome! Great color! Too bad it was such a pain to knit...

torrance said...

Good job! That bag is great!

torrance said...

Good job! That bag is great!

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