Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dreams are weird

And I'm only going to share the one I had last night because it was weird and knitting related. So in this dream, I walk into a yarn store, not one I've actually been to before, just one my brain invented for me. And as soon as I walk in, this lady starts telling me all these things I need to knit and asking me why I haven't started yet. I ask her who the hell she is and she tells me that she's the yarn store's bridal consultant. What? She's telling me that I have to knit napkins, chair covers, wall coverings, flowers, everything for over 300 people. So for the rest of the dream, she's chasing me around making a huge list of things I have to knit for this hugegantic wedding, ah!

Ok, there's my dream, hmmmm and I didn't think I was getting too stressed out about wedding stuff! Oh, and we aren't having anywhere near 300 people at our wedding, I don't even know that many people.

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