Sunday, December 16, 2007

The State of Things

I finally got going on my second Hedera, stupid second sock syndrome! Oh, and I changed my mind and decided that I did indeed want an engagement ring. Well, it's not that I didn't want one before, I just didn't one some big ol' diamond or anything. So the boy and I picked out this cute and simple silver ring and I love it!

I love Half Price Books! If you don't have one if your area, it's a used book store with all sorts of great things. Some of the books are new, just overstock. The other day I got a brand new copy of Rowan's Denim People for $5.98, woo hoo!!! Here's what I like in the book so far:



Now I'm off to listen to podcasts and work on my sock!

1 comment:

torrance said...

that ring is very pretty. congrats again. :)
i hate the second sock syndrome

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