Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Strawberries and Limes

I apologize for the dark picture, it's a bit gloomy here. The sock is much brighter that the picture would have you believe, and I love it! It's Crystal Palace's Panda Cotton in the strawberry limes colorway. I bought this to make some Monkey socks but I was in need of a nice easy no brainer project, so here we are. I'm pretty far along for me, I'm working on the heel flap right now.

Ooooh, see what I got at Borealis last night:

I finally got my hands on some Pastimes Too by Conjoined Creations!!! It's 100% soysilk laceweight yarn, so so soft and yummy. I bought this with some sort of wedding stole or shawl in mind. Print O' the Wave is high on the maybe list, anyone knit this before?

1 comment:

torrance said...

The sock looks very good so far.
(By the way my comment to your earlier post was supposed to say GREAT not grat :D)

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