Thursday, December 06, 2007

Weather Appropriate

It just seems right to be knitting a penguin with the weather we've been having here in Minnesota lately. My little cutie isn't done, I still have to knit his wings and feet, and I guess he'd appreciate eyes too. I'm using the Pasha pattern from Knitty and it's going pretty well so far, the seaming is the worst part of course. Seaming a black piece to a white piece and not having it look too bad is hard! So I ended up doing a crochet seam, and I'm pretty happy with that.
And I am soooo glad that I started with my Christmas gift crafting so early. Pasha here is the only thing I have left to do, he's going to be for the boyfriend.
You've seen the new Knitty right? I'm thinking about Quant for my introduction to the wonderful world of entrelac. I also love Dahlia but probably would knit it as more of a spring/summer piece. And the socks are all great, I don't know which I like the best!

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Michelle said...

I also want to do Quant as an introduction to entrelac; I'm a bit scared of the new technique but it doesn't seem to require too much commitment. Now to find some nice variegated yarn for it...!

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