Saturday, January 26, 2008

I is a weiner!

Hee hee, I was one of the winners of the One Skein Wonders Contest! So I'll be getting a skein of free yarn in mail, plus some little goodies, once a month, yay! Of course I know most of them won't be vegan (I'm hoping most in the summer will be) but I'm still excited. Wanna see what I got this month?

It's this stuff and it's very much not vegan. And no, I'm not going to use it just because it was free, that doesn't make it any more vegan. I'm hoping someone at knit night will trade me for it, this stuff goes for about $23 a skein. If not, I'll try to trade it somewhere else or maybe offer it up here as a contest dealy.

Ooooh, I started my Cobblestone!:

Is it too soon to say I love it?


torrance said...

And no, it's never too early to say that :)

cher said...

That color for your Cobblestone is brilliant! What yarn/color is it?

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