Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Progress and Rewards

My capelet is coming along nicely, I have three repeats of the bottom lace bit done, I think I have five more to go. And then stitches are picked up along the front opening to make a button band, although I'm thinking of maybe using a different (easier!) kind of closure. The real question is though, am I a capelet person? I think I fall in love with patterns and don't necessarily think of how they'll fit into my life/wardrobe. Ah well, we shall see!

I'm almost done with my second Panda Cotton strawberry limes sock. After this is done, I'll be making some socks for the fiancee because he said he'd really like some. Not in pink though!

In reward news, I reached my 10% goal in Weight Watchers, it's the goal they set for you to lose 10% of your body weight. I only have six more pounds to lose to get to my goal, yay! But as a reward for getting to my 10%, I'm going to buy a sweater's worth of yarn, maybe for Cobblestone (for me of course!). I've seen lots of them made for women and they look so comfy and cute. I'm thinking of using Tatamy Tweed Worsted, I have some leftover from another project so I can swatch and see if it'll work.

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