Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Tower of Tweed

This lovely tower of tweedy goodness will soon become my very own Cobblestone Pullover! I can't wait to start, I already did my gauge swatch before I bought all the yarn, I had some leftover from Calorimetry. My gauge was pretty spot on, but because it's a men's sweater I need to make a few adjustments.

I'm making some socks for the fiancee, see:

It's Panda Cotton in the chocolate almonds colorway. I think I decided that this color wasn't quite me but he loved it so yay!

The capelet is getting close to being done, at least with the main body:

Ok, I'm off to capelet land!


Ninni said...

Jealousy strikes... I want some Tatamy Tweed too. Good luck with Cobblestone, I'm working on that right now too and it's so nice to knit, such a simple and beautiful pattern.

torrance said...

The caplet is looking good! I bet you're going to have fun playing princess with it :D (Admid it, you're thinking about playing princess allready..)
The socks look nice too. Have you gottens used to calling him fiance allready?

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