Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Duet of Finished Objects

I finished this really simple baby bib yesterday for my future niece in law. It's half double crochet and made from less than one ball of Sugar n Cream using this pattern. Very easy, very fast, and don't you love the model I used?

I also finished the simple socks I was making for the fiancee out of Panda Cotton (chocolate almonds colorway). Those are my feet in the picture but they fit him perfectly and he loves them which makes me a very happy lady. And he still thinks it's totally cool that you can make yarn out of bamboo, hee hee.

And I started something new:

Cute, eh? I'm actually using the yarn the pattern calls for in the color used in the picture, madness! The pattern is called the Sunny Side Up Hoodie and it uses 3 balls of Lion Brand Cupcake. I like the yarn so far but if you're an acrylic hater, this isn't going to change your mind. The pattern seems like it's going to be super easy, it's all garter stitch so it should be a good thing to bring to knit night.


drlaura said...

Hey Kala,
i just spotted these socks too!
did you realize we have a PINK is for FEBRUARY contest going on at the
have entered you already with your Quant headband.
if you give me permission for these socks, that's your 2nd entry!
prizes in the drawing include Crystal Palace yarn, the new "knit kimono" by Vicki Square, and some knitting magazines from my stash
blessings, :L

drlaura said...

oops, duh. i meant the Strawberry-lime socks on the KAL...
need an ok to use that pic?

torrance said...

I love the bib. And the awsome model is just adorable.
Wow, freaky using the yarn the pattern asks for in the color it asks for. I hava never done that

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