Monday, February 18, 2008

Is It Really So Strange?

First of all, thanks to everyone who left such nice comments about my Cobblestone, I appreciate it! There were a couple of questions so I'll answer them here. No, the sweater wasn't blocked, I've only blocked one thing I've ever made, a stranded bag. I think I'm scared of messing stuff up by blocking them, hmm. And about working with the yarn, I loved it, I really do love that yarn, it's nice to knit with and creates a really lovely fabric. And it's supposed to be machine washable so there you go!

Hey, you know where I was Saturday? Here:

I was at the 2008 Knit-Out at the Mall of America in Bloomington. I went last year as well, so I pretty much knew what to expect, there were booths set up by the big yarn companies (Lion, Red Heart...) and a few booth from local places like the Minnesota Knitters Guild. Most of the booths had little give aways like free patterns (yeah, the same ones you could just get online) or flyers. The Red Heart booth (or was it Patons?) gave away a skein of yarn but it was scary novelty yarn and it had wool in it so I left that one there.

Interweave had a booth, but it was pretty bare bones:

It was pretty much just some samples hanging behind the table and issues of the magazine you could look through, no freebies.

There were fashion shows, Vickie Howell did the announcing for some of them:

There were a ton of people there, it was totally ridiculous! The lines were insane and I would have died if fiancee weren't there to keep me company. Oh, and back to the title of the post, people kept coming up and asking what we were all in line for and when we said knitting and crochet most looked like they were really to call the loony bin.

Oh yeah, the Clover booth gave away pairs of US size 13 light up needles, you know those ones with the little light at the tip. After I put the batteries in them, fiancee immediately took them and played air traffic controller with them, yeah I love that guy!

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torrance said...

Wow, those are some great freebies <3
And I totally would have started playing with them too :)

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