Monday, February 25, 2008


One cannot exist on knitting alone, well at least I can't. Especially when the yarn I'm using is a bit rough on my hands. There's something about knitting cotton circularly that kills me after a while, I don't know. I think the Mission Falls cotton might do better in crochet, I never have any problems crocheting inflexible yarn. But anyway, I took a little break from knitting and dusted off my sewing machine. I pulled out this quilting book that I absolutely adore, Stars by Magic by Nancy Johnson-Srebro, and got down to the business of making blocks:

Ok, block singular, I only have one down so far. But isn't the fabric cute?

Oooh, there's a contest I have to tell you about, Crystal Palace, makers of my beloved Panda Cotton, is having a year long contest where you make something using one of their yarns in a different color theme that they set each month. February is pink for all you fast knitters and crocheters who can bust something out before the end of the month! March's theme is aquamarine and green.

1 comment:

torrance said...

Nice multi-crafting!
I love the star-thingy!

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