Monday, March 03, 2008

FO: Suny Side Up Sweater

Does it look like it'll fit me? No? Well then I guess I'll just have to give it to the future niece in law. Do you say niece in law, or just niece? I don't know. The fiance's sister is having a baby that's due in June (really close to the date of our wedding, not that she'd come anyway but that's another story) and I've made a few things for the future wee one. I still want to get a pair of booties and a cute hat done, maybe something from Itty Bitty Hats. Ok, pattern details:

Pattern: Sunny Side Up Hoodie from Lion Brand Site and Michaels flyer.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cupcake in Lemon Drop - 2 skeins with some left over on the second.

Needles: US size 7

Mods: I left off the hood because I didn't think it would add much and I was kind of getting sick of this thing, it's very very yellow. The yarn was pretty eh to work with and I'm happy I get to return the third skein I didn't need.

Now onto less sunny business, the total and glorious disaster that is (or rather was) by cute little beret. Maybe it was coming out to be cute, but definitely not little. More like super duper crazy huge. You know, I thought something was going wrong when it was taking a lot of yarn and a lot of time, but I blindly knit along like a fool. Then the other day I decided to take it off the needles and check my progress:

Yeah, it's as big as my footstool. I have a big head, but not so big that it can't fit through doors or anything, what was I thinking!?!? So I frogged. I hate hate hate ripping stuff out but there was no way around it. Sigh. So now what to do with the yarn? I think it'll have to sit in the stash for a while and think about what it's done (oh yeah, it's never my fault, it's always the yarn! ;)


torrance said...

How little! And cute! And little! And bright! And little!!

Sorry about the frogging

craftyminx said...

Adorable sweater! And I really like that bright yellow color for a baby.

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