Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lazy Maizy

Hee hee, I designed a sock! I'm pretty excited about this sock, its the first pattern I've come up with myself. Once I write out the pattern and follow it for the second sock, I'll post the pattern here for anyone who might want a Lazy Maizy for their very own. I used Crystal Palace's Maizy sock yarn if you couldn't guess, love that yarn!.

Close-up of the lacy cuff:

I've pretty much been knitting socks exclusively lately, I lurve them and want a nice stock of them for spring and summer. I just need to knit faster, I cranked this one out in a week which is pretty fast for me but overall not so astounding. Curse you sock knitters who can whip up a pair in a few days!

In unrelated (or is it?) news, I neeeeeeeed these shoes for wearing with shorts:


Da Gal said...
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Madame Plush Bottom said...

Your sock is faburiffic! (It's Meg BTW from Tuesday night.) I miss you and I am glad to see you are doing fun things. Your wedding dress is great! I hope you enjoyed your visit from your parents and that you had a very happy birthday.

Hope to see you soon.

JFibers said...

Great Socks!!! I have so many things going on that I can only dream of a time when I can begin designing... Nice work! If you're interested in bookmaking, you should stop by my place some time and see all the books I've made. It's loads of fun and I've been making books for about 10 years or so....(in between knitting, teaching, and other life things....)

Tracie said...

omygosh...those shoes are so stinkin' cute!! My daughter would have a fit for those.

And your sock is awesome. Great job! I don't knit, but I do crochet and have just started a second pair.

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