Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh hell no!

So on my run through blog-land today I came across Big Sister's post about the MyHeritage celebrity look-alike thing. And of course I had to try it. I tried it with a few pictures and got equally disturbing results (although I kept getting that kid who plays Ron Weasley so maybe we're separated at birth). It's kind of scary that my best match was Ashley Tisdale who, honestly, I had to look up to be sure who she was. I knew she was some kind of teen uberstar, but there are so many and they come and go so fast I can't keep track. But it was kind of fun, I guess it's more about the angles of your face in the picture you submit than anything else. Go on, you know you want to try it too!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

At least yours are all female. I got,among other truly silly matches, Buddy Holly and Rabindranath Tagore (yeah, I had to look him up too). I don't think so.

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