Sunday, March 09, 2008

Something Blue

I started some socks last week out of my blue skein of Comfort Sock, it's coming out very nice, soft and purty. I sort of go back and forth with the color, it's very subtle and looks different depending on the light. When there's a lot of natural light I really love it, but at times it can look so gloomy. This yarn is awesome, I lurve it a ton but I wish it came in more girly girl colors.

I really need to find a big project to start, I want some more hand knit sweaters!!! But I can't decide what to knit, maybe this in Mission Falls Cotton:

I doubt if I'll be getting much knitting time in the next few days though because my parents are coming down to visit, yay! I haven't seen them for a while so I'm very excited. My birthday is Tuesday (turning the big 26) and we'll be going out for some tasty vegan eats. We'll also be shopping for my wedding outfit which is absolutely terrifying, I can't believe the wedding is less than three months away, ahhhhh!

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