Thursday, March 06, 2008


I love Veg News. Maybe not with the same intensity that I love knitting magazine, but I do love me some Veg News. It's their special 60th issue this month and they have a list of 222 reasons to be veg and I'm going to share some of my faves:

6. Never having to eat Spam

30. Being the change that I want to see in the world

46. Cooking is easier and more fun

80. Cheaper groceries

108. Treating all animals with the same respect and consideration

143. Getting to lick the batter off the electric cookie beater without fear of salmonella

186. Not worrying about whether tofu is cage-free

220. Soyrizo!


Whisp3rd said...

#143 is great, never thought like that

drlaura said...

woo hoo! you are the winner of the Crystal Palace yarn "pink is for february contest" on CPYsocksandmore!!
go to the website and pick any two pink sk of your choice and email me with your addy
blesings, :L

LotusKnits said...

#143 is my absolute favorite. i make some badass tofu cookies.

torrance said...

#143 = so true :)

Süßstoff said...

Fun! I wish we'd have something like Veg News.
(Of course like everybody else I love #143 too.)

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