Saturday, April 26, 2008


Even though the weather sucked today, I rolled out of bed early and headed out to the Craftstravaganza show at the fairgrounds. I took the bus which although economically and environmentally awesome, was not so much fun in the snow and wind. But I was determined to get there early before it got too crazy. There was a nice sized crowd and many interesting booths, lots of crafty folks here in Minnesota! And I actually bought some stuff which is amazing, I'm really bad about buying things at craft shows. But if it's something I don't know how to make, I'm much more likely to shell out some cash.

Like this:

Isn't this necklace gorgeous? It's from Pam Loudy and it's awesome. And only $18 with the cord! It was crazy hard choosing which one I liked best, but the green won out.

I got some pins too, I don't remember which booth they came from though, tons of people were selling pins.

The Minnesota Center for Book Arts had a mini workshop on letterpress and I got to make a card:

I'm a dork so of course I had big fun using the old portable letterpress machine.

All in all it was a fun little weekend diversion, I just wish someone would tell the weather that it's the end of April, not mid February.

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ellie said...

Pshaw. Dork? Whatever! I'm totally jealous!

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