Monday, April 14, 2008

FO: Little Leaf Scarf

Oh lordy. Where to start. Um, this scarf has "issues." Issues that make it only somewhat wearable. I love the concept, the little sassy pants shorty scarf. The design is great, it's the pattern I'm not uber happy with. You know how I love long, detailed instructions? Yeah, none of that here. And am I the only one who hates when patterns say things like "work as for other side, reversing blah blah blah..." This one didn't have you reverse shaping but it only gave full written instructions for one leaf and they are very different, one is seed stitch and the other is ribbed. But that isn't even my major problem. It's the length. And it's not just me, almost all of the projects on Ravelry came out about 4" too long. Sigh. We shall not speak of the crack-head way I tried to fix it when it was done. Let's just say I have to wear this one with my hair down. Yeah.

Here's the sick thing, after all I've said, I'd totally knit this again if I had more green yarn. It's so cute!

Pattern: Little Leaf Scarf by Pam Allen in the booklet Make it Modern

Yarn: Cotton Patine in green

Needles: US size 6


torrance said...

I think it looks pretty! And now I'm way too interested in knowing what kind of a crack-head way you used to try to fix it. You have to tell me ;)

Jenny said...

It's totally cute. Wear it with a beret, walking a poodle, and carrying a bag of french bread and people will think you're a suave foreign exchange student :)
And I concur with torrance - must know the crack-head fix :P

melissa said...

yeah, how did you fix it? it's so darn cute!

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