Sunday, April 13, 2008

Knit 1 and other stuff

I have to admit that I tend to have mixed feelings about Knit 1. Sometimes there are lot's of cute things that I get really excited about making, and sometimes it's so scary I have to drop it and run. This time, it's gooood. There are about six things I really like, although the preview online doesn't show any of the really cute stuff, in my humble opinion. There are some amigurumi endangered species that are to die for and a few really adorable tops too. And lot's of vegan yarny goodness!

Oooh, and one of my favorites from the magazine, the market tote, is free online!

Have any of you tried the corn yarn, amaizing? It's 100% corn fiber and it's made by South West Trading Company. I've been wanting to try it but it's a bit expensive, around $10 a skein usually. But I scored and got it for half off at Depth of Field. I don't really like to say mean things about local yarn stores so I'm not going to say much about my visit. Ahem.

Finally, the materials for making the wedding invites have been purchased:

I love Paper Source but it was such a stressful trip because there's so much color choice! We're having the petal style invites, something like this. Ugh, I'm so stressed out over wedding stuff and it's lame because we're having such a small one! But we're doing it all ourselves so it's still hard. I'm such a cry baby ;)


JFibers said...

Weird... Weird... That is the same style that I want to have... Want to see my sample? I made it during the book arts class I wrote about on my blog... Do you already know some tricks to make it? We used a tracer to make the petal shape and it went super fast.

JFibers said...

Oops... I forgot to compliment you on your color choices! They look great!

Jenny said...

I also have issues with K1. Usually it's too "hip" for me. I'm a plain vanilla gal when it comes to clothing choice. Jeans and some kind of top and accessory in various colors of earth :) -- On the wedding, I did mine myself too, and we had about 80 people and it was STRESSFUL. But then it all came together and it was great, even with the mistakes. Can't wait to see your samples - when's the date?

Veronica said...

I did everything myself when I got married (all the decorating, flower arranging, invitation making, etc.), and I definitely empathize. Enlist the help of a crafty person you trust, and try not to sweat it. Things will turn out great, and no one will notice any little imperfections that you can't seem to ignore. :)

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