Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who knew I was marrying a diva?

Ok, diva might not be fair, but I was so shocked that it was such an ordeal finding a wedding outfit for my little groom to be. I thought it would be me who would be hard to shop for, I imagined wandering aimlessly in all sorts of horrifying dress stores before settling on something I didn't totally hate. But as it turns out, I bought the very first dress I tried on because it was perfect. The boy on the other hand, rejected everything he tried on while we trekked through the Mall of America yesterday. Holy crap that place is huge. And loud. And I didn't have any knitting with me while I waited somewhat patiently outside countless fitting rooms. Another mall later, we finally found an outfit we both thought he looked smashing in, but it's still weird to see him all dressed up. He looks so grown up, it's scary! Like me in a fancy dress scary.

So back to knitting. I have been knitting a lot, let me tell you. But the two things I'm most excited about are super top secret so I have to keep my mouth shut. Other than those things, I've been working on a hat:

Can you guess what kind of hat this is going to be? There's really only one reason I would knit a white hat...

And I'm swatching for something I'm going to make with hempathy:

Ok, break over, back to secret knitting!


Jenny said...

My guess: You're knitting a white hat because you're going to paint your skin blue and go as smurfette to an early Halloween costume party.

It's the only explanation really. :P

Glad you found the boy an outfit. I just looked at your dress - gorgeous! And /Anthropologie/ - swanky :)

Veronica said...

Yeah, the same thing happened picking out clothes when I got married- I suspect my husband had never actually been dressed up before (not even a button-down shirt- he marches to the beat of a different drummer, I guess). So I bought him a plain, charcoal suit (and he actually really likes it, amazingly). It's his from-now-till-eternity-special-occasion suit, and we don't argue anymore when we need to go to a wedding/funeral/fancy function.

He still won't wear a tie. I guess that was wedding-day-ONLY attire. :)

norseland said...

ooh Anthropologie? I look forward to seeing photos of the wedding if you feel like sharing at knit night :)

Congrats on surviving the Mall of A. trip. The closest I'll get to there is IKEA hehe.

--Norseland, aka Tess

torrance said...

Oooh, I think it's so cute he wants to look so nice on your special day that he turns into a total diva <3 Adorable

JFibers said...

my guess is a special wedding day hat... or maybe you're finally going to be confirmed? hee hee

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