Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Podcasts to Lurve

I love podcasts. I love my iPod. And yes, I love listening to podcasts on my iPod. One of my favorite things to do is hook my pod up to the speakers in the living room, put on a good podcast, and knit away. So in no particular order, my faves:

  • Stitch It!! Podcast: This is a relatively new one, I think she's been podcasting for less than a year. In her own words, it's a "podcast about knitting, crocheting, spinning, dying, being a mommy, and whatever else i’m up to at the moment!" I love it, Meghan is so fun to listen to, whether she's talking about what she's knitting or just babbling about what's going on in her life.
  • Knitting at Night: This one is hosted by Casey, who lives in Duluth, and she's a knitter with a great love of Elizabeth Zimmerman. She's full of all sorts of knitting knowledge and it's fun to hear what EZ pattern she has on the needles.
  • Lime and Violet: Maybe my favorite, it's a tough race with Cast on and Stash and Burn up there in my circle of awesome. Lot's of funny stories, and some of them are even knitting related!
  • Cast On: Ah Brenda, so soothing, such a lovely voice. This one doesn't come out all that often but it's a happy day when I see it downloading on iTunes. Cast On was the first podcast I ever listened to and I've been hooked ever since.
  • Stash and Burn: Listen in to hear about living with and managing your yarn stash with Jenny and Nicole. Great hosts, it's always fun to hear what they're knitting or just listen to them go through and review the latest knitting magazines.
  • Y Knit: All kinds of awesome and entertaining, this is really the only male hosted podcast that I enjoy. Very funny, check it out!
  • Yarn Thing: Marly is so much fun to listen to and has such a great laugh. Very upbeat, always a blast to listen to.

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Yarn Thing said...

Oh, you are so nice. Thank you for listening ;-)


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