Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If the allergies don't kill me first...

...I may finish my socks this week! What socks? The socks of sanity of course. But death from dandelion fluff is a real possibility, ok maybe I'll just wish I'm dead. I was really thinking I was going to have a mild allergy season this year but then my old nemesis Mr. Dandelion decided to send all sorts of fluffy white doom into my poor little lungs.

Here's me after my walk to the bank and Whole Foods:

Lovely, eh? The sneezing is starting to die down though, I've got the air filter going but I haven't taken any meds yet. Allergy medicine doesn't really work for me, it just makes me fall asleep on the couch which sounds really nice right about now. But I can't because I need to get cracking on dinner pretty soon, the husband is working late tonight so I have to fend for myself. I wish I had leftovers from my stir fry lunch, doesn't it look yummy?:

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