Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do I knit anything other than socks?

I think so, but not lately! It's been all about the footwear for a while around here, although today I was working on a scarf for a little while and the size 8's felt HUGE. Hey, I finished my first Spring Forward:

I really want to make some of those sock blockers from place mats that I've seen around blogland to make it easier to take pictures of my socks, it's not always so easy to take good pictures of your own feet! Or maybe I can score a creepy mannequin foot that would freak out my husband, he gets weirded out by my dress dummy sometimes so I'm sure he would just love it if I had a fake foot lying around! But anyway, I loooove this pattern and how my sock came out, it fits perfectly and the lace is so pretty. These are my super easy relaxing stockinette socks:

I'm using Skacel's Sockina in a fall-ish colorway and I think I like them. I'm mostly amused by the novelty of vegan sock yarn that makes those little faux-isle patterns. The yarn contains 55% Cotton, 25% Polyamid, and 20% Polyacryl. It feels like a soft brushed cotton, it's nice stuff but doesn't have stretch to it if that bothers you. I bought this over a year ago at The Yarnery and am just now getting to it (slacker alert!)



Jenny said...

These turned out beautiful :) I love the zig zag in the lace, it's looks so good on. Perty!

Veronica said...

I love it when a worsted weight project feels gigantic in comparison to projects on size 1s (or 0s if you're me...). :)

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