Thursday, August 28, 2008

State Fair Madness!

I love the Minnesota State Fair, it's a lot of fun and you get to eat all sorts of crap (and yes, there's plenty of vegan crap if you know where to look). I also love looking at all the wonderful (and sometimes weird) stuff in the creative arts building, home of the creepiest mannequins ever:

There was lots of knitting to see:

And some handspun yarn:

I loved this bunny quilt, so cute!:

I didn't go on any rides though, I just can't bring myself to trust a carnie ride operator:

We ate a lot of stuff that day (including falafel of a stick) but my favorite thing came from here:

All in all, it was a wonderful day spent with Mr. Husband, especially since it was one of his first days off in a long while of late shifts.


JFibers said...

Hey lady-
What type of camera do you have? I really like the ferris wheel photo! It looks great with your pink background...

Flan said...

I see my shawl! (In the second knitting photo, it's the red and purple one).

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