Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Mittens of Yay

Hey, I never blogged about my mittens! Poor little mittens never getting their moment in the spotlight, shame on me. I finished them a week or two ago and took the pictures at a nearby park that was thankfully devoid of children and the dreaded teenagers (insert image of me waving my fist in the air like a grizzled old lady here). Anyway, there were only a few sweaty guys playing tennis and some random dude reading in a lawn chair so I was free to be the weirdo taking pictures of herself and her knitting. See how happy I look:

Oh right, back to the mittens. They are my very first pair ever so I picked a super simple pattern with very detailed instructions, the Tweedy Mittens on kpixie (awesome place to buy yarn from by the way). I used some leftover Tatamy Tweed from my Cobblestone pullover and US size 7 needles. The only changes I made were that I made them all in one color and had to make them a bit longer to accommodate my fingers.

These are going to be very nice in the fall and winter, I have some fingerless mitts that I made from Tatamy Tweed dk ten million years ago (March 2007) and they are the coziest most favorite-tastic thing I have ever knit. It seem like such a long time ago that I made those, it was my first time doing ribbing and it confused the crap out of me. It was also my first project knit in the round so that added to the confusion.


1 comment:

yoel said...

So cute! The mittens look very cozy and cuddly! Let us know how the yarn performs in cold weather!

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