Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Of Socks and Sweaters

Yes, I'm working on more socks. But I can't show them to you yet so I'm going to talk sweaters. I am dying to knit a great fall sweater for myself, I adore fall and all the things that come with it - the weather, the smells, and the food (pumpkin pie anyone?). And I love fall clothes, I feel more dressed up than I do in summer clothes, but it's not the crazy bundling up that I have to do to live through winter. Here's the sweater yarn I bought a little while ago:

This yarn is totally impossible to take a good picture of, I had to yoink this one from Berroco and it's still a bit dark. It's Berroco's Comfort in a beautiful teal color called Agean Sea (#9753). I bought 6 balls with the idea that I was going to make the Tree Jacket from Jephyr Style. I've even started it, I'm a good ways through the neck, but I don't think I'm liking it. There's something about the floppiness of the neck that bugs me so I don't know if I'll end up finishing that up. But then I look back at my favorite one from Ravelry and it makes me want to trust the pattern and chug along. Sigh.

So what are Your fall sweater plans?


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Chelsea said...

i absolutely LOVE fall! it's my most favorite season ever. i just started knitting about a month or so ago and i can't wait to be able to wear the scarves and hats that i've made. i think knitting was made for fall weather, don't you think? :)

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