Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vintage Madness

My dad scored this stack of vintage knitting magazines and booklets for me at a yard sale recently for the whopping price of a quarter. A quarter people! I love these things, so much to mock! I especially love the ones filled with men's patterns, they usually hold dangerous levels of hideous, plus I can taunt Shane by threatening to knit things inside for him, tee hee:

These magazines seem to be big into his and hers sweater sets:

And head to toe cables that make you look like you're hiding a skin condition:

And I love how all the models in the "Sweaters for Girls" booklet look like they're about to make out:

Yay for vintage entertainment!



melissa said...

omg, the last 2 photos ... totally. make-out city!
i love vintage pattern book photos. i think it would be so cool if some modern yarn companies did some booklets that poked fun at the old poses, while showcasing the new patterns.

yoel said...

That all-cable outfit makes her look like a reptile.

And the ladies in the bottom 2 are so about to get it on!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazingly odd way of showing off the knitted hat? "Barbara, dear, just look like you're stroking it" o_O

Much fun for a quarter!


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