Saturday, November 08, 2008


Christmas knitting!:

This is what I have going for the husband, he saw the Jolly Roger scarf while I was looking through Picture Perfect Knits and really liked it so I'm making it. I'm on the really really fun part, 60 inches of garter stitch with black yarn, yum! Ok, it's not so bad, it's good mindless knitting for working on at knit night or while I'm watching some dumb movie at home. Even though I told him I'd knit it for him eventually, I think he's forgotten about it because I'm always telling him I'll knit stuff for him and rarely do (aren't I terrible?) So I've been working on it in secret, mostly while he's been at work. I almost got caught the other night though, I was totally wrapped up in Hard Candy and spaced that he was almost home so I had to run and throw the thing in my pants drawer when I heard him unlocking the front door.

Oooh, my skein of the month shipment came today (the one I won in a contest from WEBS) and it finally didn't suck! Ok, the yarn did because it was non-vegan (luckily I can give it to someone at knitting on Tuesday) but they also included a pattern booklet that I had wanted, Alpaca Stories:

It has some really cute stuff like this top:

And this sweater:

Yay for free stufff!



Julia O'C said...

Skull stuff makes the best Christmas presents. Can't wait to see the finished scarf.

Nicola said...

Great scarf.....if I wanted to make something secret for my husband, I wouldn't be able to post about it on my blog - he reads it!

Michele said...

Love that scarf pattern!

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